Male impotence is a type of sexual dysfunction in which, the person is unable to build up or maintain a penile erection that is required for proper intercourse. Though male impotence is not a part of the healthy aging process of a man, it has been seen that many men suffer from it as they grow old. You will see that almost half the men around 65 years of age suffer from it.

In case of men who are 80 years of age, the fraction increases to three-fourths. In several cases, erectile dysfunction can be caused due to several psychological factors too.
Male impotence can be treated using one of several methods, which includes drug therapy, psychotherapy and vacuum devices. When erectile dysfunction is too severe, the individual might have to undergo a surgical procedure.

But the good news is that male impotence has been corrected using natural treatment options for thousands of years!

Why does Male Impotence occur?

If you were to look at what is involved in an erection, this is how it occurs. The penis requires sufficient inflow of blood and a slow outflow of blood. If this takes place without any issues, proper erection can be achieved.
If there is narrowing of arteries, the blood flow reduces causing erectile dysfunction. Another abnormality is when the penile veins drain the blood back to the body very rapidly. In this case, the erection cannot be sustained for sufficient time, even if there is sufficient blood flow. Here is a list of some of the causes of male impotence:
1. Obesity: Highly obese and unfit men form a large majority of the impotent male population.
2. Diabetes: Impotence can be caused by diabetes, genetics and/or bad diet.
3. Alcohol/drug abuse: Alcohol and drugs can lead to impotence too. Antihypertensive, antidepressants, sedatives and some others, can lead to problems during erection.
4. Hormonal Imbalances: Males who have low levels of testosterone fall in the high risk group, when it comes to male impotence.
5. Stress issues: Stress can cause a number of health issues, including male impotence.
6. Depression: If you suffer from depression, then it impacts the whole body and all the organs. Thus, you are more likely to suffer from impotence.
7. Atherosclerosis: If there is plaque in the arteries, you may suffer from impotence, as the penile blood flow will not be normal. Atherosclerosis can be caused by bad dietary habits, obesity or genetic problems.
8. Neurological injury: If the penile nerves are damaged in some way, it can lead to impotence.
9. Prostrate surgery: Sometimes, prostrate surgery can cause erectile dysfunction.
10. Illness: If you are ill, then again you may suffer from erectile dysfunction.
11. Stroke: In case of many men, post heart attack, impotence can set in for a while.
12. Inactivity: If you lead a physically active life, you are less likely to suffer from impotence. On the other hand, men who do not exercise much are prone to erectile dysfunction.

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