Premature ejaculation is very common male problem and it appears when you cannot hold your erections long enough for your partner to have an orgasm. This problem is very serious because it leads to the sexual disappointment for both partners and lack of confidence for a man who suffer from premature ejaculation.
Some researches show that around 30% of men have problems with premature ejaculation which then have a serious impact on their sexual life, confidence and lack of courage to approach women.

Reasons for premature ejaculation

There are many reasons why premature ejaculation occurs, but most of them can be put into these two main categories:
Biological reasons. It is well known that, in general, men experience an orgasm much faster and earlier than women. It takes only 2 – 3 minutes on average for men to have an orgasm after penetration, while it takes around 12 – 14 minutes for women to have an orgasm.
Psychologial reasons. These reasons are the most common ones and very often they are the main source of problems with premature ejaculation. These reasons include lack of experience, guilt, fear of sexually transmitted diseases, potential pregnancy, etc.
Common believe is that older men are able to last longer in bed and to be better in controling their ejaculations, as compared to younger men. But, that is just a general believe and it is not a proven fact. The fact is, older men can suffer from premature ejaculation too.
So, is it possible to control your ejaculations and be able to maintain erections long enough to give your partner deserved sexual satisfaction? In general, yes, it is possible and there are a few ways to accomplish that.
First method you can try it to exercise and train your PC muscle as that is the primary “sexual muscle” in your penis. PC muscle is also one of the main muscles involved with sexual functions like orgasm and ejaculation. With regular exercises you can train it to be able to get firmer and larger erections, more intense orgasms and more powerful ejaculations. We will tell more about possible exercises later in this article.
Another method for solving your problems with premature ejaculation is to use some male enhancement pills like Male Extra or Performer5 that we fully reviewed on this website. These both pills are clinically tested and proven to be effective in solving premature ejaculations to most of the men who tried them. Feel free to read our reviews on these penis enlargement pills and find out more how they can help you.

One simple exercise for PC muscle

This is really simple one and should be effective, although there are many other exercises for PC muscle to train it even better (check PenisHealth, natural penis enlargement exercises program to gain better results). Meanwhile, try this exercise.
Clench and release your PC muscle in periods of ten seconds. Be sure to perform three sets of this and then take a short pause. Then repeat the clench and release technique but in periods of 5 seconds and do ten sets of this. Again take a short break and catch your breath. Now, try tightening the PC muscle for 30 seconds and then relaxing it for 30 seconds. This time perform three sets of this.
As you can see, this exercise is very simple and easy to perform. You can do it all by yourself, anytime and anywhere you want. Although this is simply exercise you need to take it seriously and include it in to your daily routine to be able to see serious results and improvements from it.
Now, you might ask how to use this while you are having sex. Well, this exercise should help you to feel more confident with your erections while having sex. Next time when you and your partner are having sex, try to go insider her and then pause for awhile. Try not to move for several seconds and then try tightening and relaxing your PC muscle and see what effect that have on you.

On the end, you should also be aware that different women also prefer different types of sex so you should be sure to know what your partner likes. Some women prefer sensual and long sex, while others prefer faster action. To be sure you both with enjoy your intimate sexual fun, it is better to know that your lady prefers.

Adverse Effects of Male Erection Enhancement Products

What you would usually find on magazines are male erection enhancement supplements or drugs that could potentially be as bad as the ads of hair loss treatment products. These supplements and drugs, depending on their quality, could inflict problems on your head, heart and even your penis.

Knowing the adverse effects of male erection enhancement products starts with the identification of what the product can do, whether it can prolong hours of erection, increase man’s sexual ability or boost virility. Naturally, the effects are different from one product to another. When it comes to supplements or drugs, its effects may actually differ from the claims created by their respective companies. The company behind your chosen male erection enhancement product, be it legal or not, is what dictates how effective it is going to be and if it will have bad side effects that come with its use.

One of the serious side effects of using over-the-counter or prescribed male enhancement product is the condition where the penis remains erect for hours. This condition is called priapism, an agonizing and damaging disorder that requires surgery in order to bring the penis back to its flaccid state. Priapism can often result to erectile dysfunction, which is a condition the individual most likely didn’t suffer from before using supplements or enhancement products.

Another potential adverse effect of male erection supplements is the increase of blood flow. This is critical since the affected blood flow is not on the penis alone but can affect the entire body as well. The condition can put a great deal of stress on the heart as it can take your blood pressure from the normal to extreme levels.

Now the thing is, even commonly prescribed drugs have their side effects. Some of the most popular male erection enhancement drugs can cause a change in the vision and headache or can even cause heart attack. Many men suffer drug dependency to actually achieve an erection. Other effects include irregular heartbeat, hearing loss, shortness of breath and seizures.

But even with the abundance of male erection enhancement products, be it sold locally in stores or on the internet, no food and drug agency is involved with the standardization or even the regulation of these products. This is the reason why the effects are widespread and the potential aspect seemed difficult to pinpoint. No one can disapprove or prove the supplement or drug’s effectiveness unless there is one established unbiased agency that can look into the matter, especially nowadays when over-the-counter remedies that do not undergo any certification are rampant.

If you opt to consider other male erection enhancement ways, there are actually more natural methods to doing it. Among these are eating healthy foods that are great substitutes for male enhancement products. When planning an evening of intimacy, you might want to choose foods that can stimulate blood flow rather than those that can make you sleepy. Indulgence to wine can create a lively atmosphere and a little dose of chocolate is great, considering that you do not overdo it.

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