While it is generally believed that being too excited or general fatigue cause climax command issues, many other bodily dysfunctions, stimulants, and psychological troubles have also been linked.

It is sometimes difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of ejaculation control problems, because more than likely it’s due to multiple reasons which include:

Performance Anxiety

Perhaps the most associated; but not the most common; cause for premature ejaculation is sexual performance anxiety. Fear, anxiety, stress, and over excitement about sex can create very real physical problems, particularly for teens and young men who have limited experience.

The brain becomes over-stimulated and produces an excessive amount of chemicals on top of the high abundance already present due to puberty. This is especially the case for a male’s first sexual encounter or his first sexual encounter with someone new.

All of this is quite normal, and for the majority of men who learn to relax and be comfortable with sex as their bodies mature, problems with ejaculation control fade away with their anxieties.

But for the unfortunate others, who never quite seem to get over the mental stress of their first sexual experience, develop long-term fears toward sex and a prolonged problem with premature ejaculation.

Over Masturbation

Excessive sexual practices, specifically over masturbation, can cause premature ejaculation in many different ways. The most common is by wearing out the sexual nerves that control ejaculation.

Another consequence includes depleting essential hormones and nutrients needed to nourish the nerves, muscles, and tissues used to shut the ejaculation valves. Or perhaps, over masturbation has enlarged the prostate, resulting in a greater urgency to orgasm and a loss of climax control. By upsetting the delicate balance of your body, premature ejaculation can quickly occur.

Weak Erection

A soft or weak erection isn’t a cause of premature ejaculation, but often goes hand-in-hand with it.

A semi-firm penis is often due to over masturbation, a weakened parasympathetic nerve, insufficient levels of hormones and nutrients needed for the body, or problems with blood flow.

Finding a cure for your weak erection will usually add to your sexual endurance and relieve problems with ejaculation control.

Enlarged Prostate

Prostate health is extremely important to ejaculation control because the prostate is responsible for both the urge and physical mechanics of orgasm.

Enlarged prostates due to over masturbation, prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or prostate cancer, will intensify your need to climax. A hypersensitive prostate will not only create ejaculation control issues, but can also increase your urge to urinate or cause problems with urination.

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Seminal Leakage

A large amount of pre-ejaculate, known as seminal leakage, can create problems by prematurely draining the chemicals and seminal fluid needed for the actual climax.

Seminal leakage; which is not semen, but may contain sperm; usually indicates a weakened parasympathetic nerve that is unable to tighten the ejaculatory valves. Or the pre-ejaculate could be an indication of an enlarged prostate.

The prostate is responsible for producing seminal fluid as well as the urge to orgasm; an enlarged prostate will cause both to be hyperactive.

Male Menopause

Once pass the age of forty, the male body begins to slow down. This time of life; where metabolism declines along with energy, stamina, and hormone production; is sometimes referred to as male menopause. These bodily changes can affect the hormones and chemicals needed by your body to sustain a normal erection and it’s ability to delay ejaculation.


An overactive thyroid gland can affect the hormonal balance of the body. Chemicals, such as acetylcholine, are needed to properly run sexual functions of nerves, tissues, and muscles.

Hyperthyroidism can also cause sleeping problems, nervousness, irritability, extreme tiredness, and muscle weakness, which can all reduce ejaculation control.


Despite the importance of testosterone to drive sexual craving and run several sexual functions, extreme amounts can actually work against you. The body can utilize only so much of the hormone.

The excess amounts are usually converted into another hormone known as DHT. DHT has been found to enlarge the prostate, cause or accelerate hair loss, and may be a leading factor for prostate cancer. As mentioned earlier, the affected prostate can cause ejaculation problems in several ways.

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension can be an indication of poor circulation and an overworked heart. Blocked arteries can interfere with the blood flow needed to erect the penis and bring hormones and nutrients to sexual tissues and organs.

Also, medication used to treat high blood pressure often has premature ejaculation as a side effect. Check with your doctor before stopping any treatment or medication.


Studies have shown that the caffeine from products like coffee, tea, and chocolate can induce premature ejaculation. Caffeine switches the nervous function of your body from parasympathetic (which is responsible for erections and ejaculation control) to sympathetic (which is responsible for increased heart rate and ejaculation).