The main use of Performer5 pills is ejaculation enhancement which means it will help you to produce more sperm and semen during every ejaculation. But, Performer5 also works as enhancer to overall sexual performance because it will help you to improve your erections, sexual stamina and boost your sexual appetite.

Performer5 is probably the best ejaculation enhancer on the market today, because it provides you with the best improvements to amount of produced sperm during ejaculations, while it also help you to improve your overal sexual performances. That is slighly different to other similar products on the market, such as Virilex, VolumePills or Semenax, because their results are not as good as the results of Performer5.

Performer5 contains only natural and 100% organic ingredients and it works as a double enhancement system. With the unique combination of Performer5 and its Essential Nutrients, this system will firstly boost your body’s own nutrient reserves important for semen production and then it will “hit” the right button to increase the amount of semen by up to 5 times than what would your body naturally produce.

This is unique approach to ejaculation enhancement and for now the best one because with Performer5 will not let your body burn all the important nutrients for semen production, such as zinc, creatine monohydrate, mucuna pruriens and l-arginine.

male enhancement productWith the special formulation of all natural, organic and handpicked ingredients, Performer5 will provide you with these benefits:

  • Up to 5 times more semen production on each ejaculation
  • Up to 5 times more powerful ejaculations, proven to be able to shoot further
  • Increased sperm motility by up to 250% in just 2 weeks
  • Long lasting and more intense orgasms
  • Major improvement to hardness of your erections
  • Major boost to virility, sexual stamina and appetite for sex
  • Seriously improved blood flow

With Performer5 male enhancement pills it is almost guaranteed you will seriously improve your sexual performance and enhance your sperm production, which will lead you to increased confidence and satisfaction with your performance in the bedroom.

How does Performer5 work?

The makers of Performer5 made up step forward and went where the problem is to solve it and offer you the best natural enhancement to your semen production. They understood that is firstly important to restore your body’s own natural nutrients reserves to make your body capable for producing more sperm on each ejaculation.

With Performer5 Essential Nutrient formulation, this system is able to enhance your body’s reserves of very important nutrients like zinc, creatine monohydrate, mucuna pruriens and l-arginine, which will help your body to be able to produce more sperm in completely natural way.

Because of this approach of firstly tackling these important nutrients from the inside, Performer5 is possible to help you to produce up to 500% more semen on each and every ejaculation. Now imagine how that would impress your partner.

When you take all this into consideration, it is undeniable that the Performer5 pills has everything needed to dramatically improve every aspect of your sexual performance and experience.

What benefits does Performer5 offer?

The most important benefit is dual action system which is completely different to the way how other ejaculation enhancement pills work. Other pills focus only on helping your penis to increase semen production from the outside, which is again hard to achieve every time if your body lacks in the important nutrients. Performer5 and its dual action system solves this problem.

As we already said, Performer5 contains only natural ingredients carefully picked to give a major boost to your sexual performance, ejaculation control and semen production. You can be sure there is no synthetic chemicals inside the Performer5 pills, or any ingredients you should worry about – Performer5 is completely safe to use and because of its special formulation highly recommendable.

Beside the main Performer5 pills and Performer5’s Essential Nutrients, in every ordered package you will also receive very valuable and useful additions like DVD’s to help you boost your sexual performance faster and seduction guides to help you boost your confidence and improve your approach to women. With the price of one month supply of Performer5 pills, that is more value for your money than what you can imagine.

Summary and conclusion

If you are looking for a safe to use and the most complete solution for male enhancement, then Performer5 is what you are looking for!

Performer5 is one of the richest male enhancement packages on the market, completely proven to work, 100% organic and natural, and able to provide you with the best results than any of its competitor products. Performer5 is side effect free supplement that will enhance your semen production and overall sexual performance in completely natural way using only its natural ingredients and nutrients that your body needs to be able to provide you with all those enhancements.

It is also important to mention that Performer5 is covered by full 6 months money back guarantee and it comes with free complete access to well trained customer support. When it comes to complete male enhancement, Performer5 pills are everything you need, so…

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