Penis enlargement Extender can reduce faulty penile curvature with peyronie’s disease. Traction Extender acts to reduce the progressive hardening and scarring of penile tissue. Penis enlargement Extender lowers progressive scarring of penile tissue improving erectile function. 

Nicotine Use and Low Oxygenation

Women smokers have greater risk to pregnancy complications like congenital defects in the offspring, heavy bleeding and premature rupture of uterine structures. The incidence of sexually transmitted diseases can lower fertility in both the sexes. 

Perinatal mortality refers to the death of a newborn within initial four weeks of life. The risk to perinatal mortality is increased by about a third in offspring of smoker parents. Penis enlargement Extender does not react with systemic prescription drugs that act through oral route. 

Sudden infant death syndrome is closely associated with nicotine use. The risk to infant death is proportional to the amount of nicotine intake. Nicotine reduces the oxygen carrying ability of arterial blood.

The risk to pre term death of offspring is thrice with heavy smokers. The risk to premature birth and abortion is higher in non smoking women exposed to passive smoking through their spouse. Penis enlargement Extender helps sperm health by providing for enriched oxygen supply to the gonads.

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Genetic Damage and Infection Risk

The average birth weight of infants is lesser with couples that used nicotine. Recurrent respiratory infections are reported in offspring of smoker couples. Penis enlargement Extender reduces risk to sperm DNA damage by acting against local ischaemia.

It is said to increase the risk of asthma in new born children of smokers. There can be irreversible genetic and biologic changes in the immune components of children of parents with nicotine use. 
Penis enlargement Extender produces permanent gains in penile length and width without any side effects. Traction Extenders can be worn anytime in the absence of intense physical activity. Penile growth is proportional to the amount and time period of regular use. 

Developmental Disorders and Sperm Characteristics

Men with nicotine use are highly susceptible to mitochondrial DNA damage in spermatozoa. There is the incidence of intestinal colic and facial developmental disorders with children of smoker parents. Traction Extenders can be used to lower the sexual side effects of nicotine use. 

Penis enlargement Extender acts externally and is not limited by physiological health factors. Nicotine is seen to interfere with long term physical development, cognitive ability and hormonal status of growing children. 
Smoking in men lowers hormonal balance affecting the reproductive status of anticipated offspring through sperm characteristics. Traction Extenders lower risk to mitochondrial DNA damage of developing spermatozoa in the epidydimis. 

Malignancy Potential and Hormonal Function

The risk to malignancy of gonads is quadrupled with nicotine use. The toxic aromatic chemical compounds found in cigarette smoke can initiate endocrinal disruption lowering hormone function. 

There can be premature initiation of andropause in men. Nicotine interferes with oxygen saturation concentration in the blood. The toxic metabolite carbon monoxide can induce early cell death in reproductive organs.

Traction Extenders can lower the sexual aging of gonads from nicotine use. Penis enlargement Extender can reduce performance anxiety in young men by increasing sexual stamina.