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Many men are ashamed of the size of their penis and them would go to extensive measures to get a bigger one.

Many are embarrassed to admit the problem and they live their lives in frustration and depression.

Even though everyone is perfect in his own way, for a long time now the size of a man’s penis is considered to measure his masculinity.

Does Male Extra Work Better Than All The Similar Products in the Market?

The industry of penis-enlarging products is continually growing and these days you have everything from herbal pills and supplements to devices, toys etc. Even though thousands of products are available, which promise to give you bigger penises and better sex drive, there are few which actually lives up to their claims.

One of such product which has been receiving a number of positive reviews lately and is considered the most effective penis-enlarging pill is Male Extra. This product has gained a lot of popularity in the market and has left all of it competitive products such as VigRX,
Prosolution, Extenze, Vimax, etc. behind.

Read the review below to find out why Male Extra is the best penis enlargement pill compared to all of the other similar products.

Why Male Extra Is The Best Out There?

Some of the features are described below to show why Male Extra is an excellent product to improve your sex life:

Male Extra Ingredients

Male Extra has one of the finest and most effective ingredients.

They not only help to enhance the penis size and erections but als0 provide nutrients for the body. Some of those are:

  • Pomegranate: this is a natural Viagra. It increases the blood flow to the penis and result in longer, harder erections.
  • L-Arginine: it helps to relax penis muscles and produces harder erection and greater sexual satisfaction.
  • Zinc: this increases semen and enhances orgasm
  • Cordyceps: improves energy and sex drive
  • L-Methionine: this helps in increasing stamina and energy levels

The ingredients of Male Extra are not found in Prosolution, Extenze or Vimax. Prosolution may contain zinc but it doesn’t work as effectively as Male Extra nor does it have all organic ingredients.

Also other penis-enlarging products often use chemicals in them, which are a cause of harmful side effects.


When you compare Male Extra to Prosolution and VigRX, you find that the performance and effectiveness of Male Extra are far better. Male Extra is seen to increase the size of the penis (girth and length) in just 3-6 months, provided you take a pill everyday. VigRX does guarantee to show results in 3 months but none of the customers have vouched for that yet. Prosolution has lots of negative side effects ranging from nausea to dizziness and high blood pressure. Whereas, the manufacturers of Male Extra claim that it doesn’t pose any danger to the health and only results in better libido and long-lasting erections.

Male Extra promises to enlarge your penis by at least 3 inches and comes with a certain set of exercises, which quicken the penis-enlarging process. None of the other products such as VigRX or Prosolution provides that. Also you get improved stamina and intense orgasms. Other penis-enlarging products only offer the enhancement of the organ and nothing else.

Male Extra Side Effects

There are numerous male enhancement products available in the market but most of them are usually associated with harmful side effects. But Male Extra has no side effects. It is made up of all natural ingredients.

Male Extra Customer Reviews

The reviews about Male Extra have proven that it is highly preferred. It is also recommended by various doctors and sex therapists all around the world. It has been studied by Dr. Alfred Hasslebacher, from Nauka University and Research Center, and he has backed up this product by saying,

“Our research concludes that Male Extra uses the most natural and herbal ingredients that help to increase nitric oxide levels, resulting in more blood flow to the penis.”

Read some of the testimonials from customers:
“My sexual performance improved when I started using Male Extra. My wife and I are both thankful to this product for making our sex lives better!” -David

“Over the years I have used VigRX, Vimax and Extenze, but they only helped my libido and none resulted in penis-enlargement. After I used Male Extra, my penis increased 2 inches in just a month!” –Peter


The reason why customers prefer Male Extra over other penis-enlarging products is because it is quite reasonable compared to the advantages it has. You can buy a one month’s supply for only $62.95. While Prosolution is for $78.95 and VigRX is $59.95. Even though VigRX price is slightly less than Male Extra, it doesn’t give as effective results.

Where Can You Buy Male Extra From?

You can buy Male Extra from various drugstores, but the best place to buy is from its official website. This way you can avail different discounts and special prices as well as a complete money back guarantee.

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