Why penis extenders are better than pills and pumps

With so many different products on the market that advertise results in getting your penis to increase in size, it might be hard to pick sometimes. In the end, you should be deciding on what you are going to use based on three questions. How safe is it? How effective is it? How much does it cost?
Take penis pills for example. They are within a normal budget, but what do they do exactly? Are they reliable? How is taking a pill supposed to increase the size of your penis? If you do some research, you will see that there are not many people out there who have very good things to say about pills that claim that they will increase the size of your penis. There are pills that truly work for enabling men to get erections if they cannot do this naturally, but there are not many that can really increase the size of your penis. Plus, if you are going to take something, don?t you want to know how it works?
Pumps are another type of product that you might want to look at. And generally, pumps seem to be a good short term solution, but none of them will give you lasting and permanent size in the penis department. They can help you achieve an erection that is bigger and harder than your usual erection, but once you go soft again, your penis will be the same size it was when you started.
Then you can look at surgeries. First of all, surgeries are not for most people because they are extremely expensive usually. Also, they are probably the most risky procedures for penis enlargement by a significant margin. You can risk severe and permanent nerve damage by undergoing penis surgery and even if it is successful, there is a chance of serious infection during recovery as well.
That is why so many men are turning to penis extenders these days ? because it is a solution that is both guaranteed to work and guaranteed to be safe. It is guaranteed because each of these penis extenders that are on the market have undergone extensive clinical studies not only to make sure that they are safe, but to also make sure that they work. And the best are is that when you see an increase in the size of your penis, that increase is permanent.
According to the most recent clinical studies, in which a group of 15 men used these devices over a period of six months, there was significant progress reported. On average, each man's penis size increased by one inch when flaccid and by half an inch when fully erect. And if these products are used the way the manufacturers recommend that you use them, it is guaranteed to be safe and you are guaranteed to not experience any severe side effects that could potentially cause permanent damage or disfiguration to your penis.