What are the top brands of penis extenders?

It seems to be that penis extenders are all the rage these days for men who want to add some length and girth to their penises. And it is with good reason that these products are gaining so much popularity. They are both effective and very safe. They are also not expensive at all, and with so many new ones coming out on the market every day, the prices are sure to become even more competitive very soon.
If you are looking to get a penis extender, you can probably get one from any company for in between 100 and 150 dollars. The money you spend depends on the kit you want to get, and obviously, the more money you spend, the more accessories and spare parts you will receive. Most of the companies that make the best penis extenders offer kits for in between 130 and 200 dollars. If you want to find the best and most trusted brands, all you really need to do is perform an online search and see which products are getting the most praise from users.
Some of the more popular brands on the market currently include ProExtender, FastSize, Jes Extender, ProExtender and SizeGenetics. Essentially, all of them work the same way, but feel free to do some research and see which penis extender you think is best for you.
Clinical studies have been done on these products that prove that they are absolutely safe and that if you use the correctly and are patient, you will definitely see some real results. They all work according to the same method, which is referred to as penis traction.
Penis traction is the method that is used when you are trying to extend your penis with one of these devices. Essentially, you are stretching out your penis little by little on a daily basis, and you will see real results that will be permanent, it just might take several months of work.
The way it works is that every time you stretch your penis, there are little tears in the penis tissue that are being created. These tears are microscopic and they are not painful in the slightest. But every time you do tear the tissue, cells replicate in order to heal the tissue, and in this way you are creating more penis tissue bit by bit every single day. Over time, you will see real effects.
According to clinical studies, after using this product for a period of six months, a man can expect to see an added inch to the size of his flaccid penis and up to a half inch in the size of his fully erect penis. And once you add this length and girth, it is permanent; your penis will never revert back to the size it was before you started using your penis extender.