ProExtender Review

Pro ExtenderBack in 1994, a Danish doctor named Jorn Ege Siana M.D. invented the first medical-grade penis extender which could be used by men without a prescription at home. His penis extender design set the precedent for all other extenders on the market. For some men though, these extenders are impractical: they have too many small parts to worry about and are very costly to purchase. The company which makes Doctor Muller's original extender decided to make an alternative product to meet the needs of more men: the result was ProExtender.

ProExtender is an incredibly high-quality product and is CE Certified as a Type 1 Medical Device. But the laboratory technicians worked hard to make ProExtender with a simplified design in order to keep costs down. The all-in-one device can suit any man's needs, has a 2 year warranty, and is backed by a 6 month money-back guarantee, all at a price which no other penis extender can offer!


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How it Works

Penis extension has been practiced for at least 2 centuries by numerous cultures around the world. The way that it works is just like how you get bigger from lifting weights. When you wear the ProExtender penis extender, it makes incredibly small tears in your penis tissues. The tearing immediately triggers your body's cytogenesis process (cell formation through replication). The tears get filled in with new cells so your penis gets larger, cell by cell. Even though penis extenders are often called 'stretchers,? they do not give you enlargement by stretching. The enlargement comes through new growth which is why ProExtender makes your penis longer and thicker.

  • ProExtenderâ„¢ is recommended by Physicians in 29 countries
  • 60 Public Hospitals & Private Clinics in Spain alone
  • Tens of thousands of men have purchased the product on the advice of their doctors



When you get ProExtender in the mail, you will be provided with an instructional guide of how to use it as well as a training program. The training program is just a guideline to help you get the best results, but you can wear ProExtender for as much or little as you want. The longer you wear ProExtender, the better the results will be.

For most men following the ProExtender program, it takes about 2 weeks before results re noticeable (though you may be able to measure results before this). The results will gradually accumulate. By 6 months, men on average experienced gains of 24% in length and 19% in girth. You could experience even more growth than this! You can also continue wearing ProExtender past 6 months to get more results.

ProExtender can also be used to straighten out a curved penis (also called Peyronie's disease). Within just a month or two, you could experience 90% improvement in penile curvature.

ProExtender has the best guarantee in the business: results after 6 months or double your money back!


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pro extenderIs it right for you?

ProExtender is the best choice for men who want a simple way to enlarge their penis and then to never think about size inadequacy again. You just wear the device until you achieve your desired growth and the results are permanent! Since you only buy the ProExtender extender once (and it is such a great price!), it is by far the cheapest enlargement option for the long run.

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