How penis extenders increase your penis size

Penis extension is not just for men who have very small penises. Even men with average sized penises believe that they could use another inch in size. This is a completely normal phenomenon and it is your right to try to increase the size of your penis if you want it. It is then up to you to decide what method is best for you. Ideally, you want a method that not only works, but one that is safe as well. Pills do not really work, and who knows what kind of ingredients you are putting into your body when using them. Pumps can offer you bigger erections when using them, but they will not give you any permanent results in the size of your penis. Surgeries can give you quick results, but the safety risks associated with surgeries are plentiful.
It turns out the penis extenders are actually the best solution if you are looking to add inches to the girth and length of your penis without risking any injury or permanent damage. That is why these devices have become so popular. They are affordable and within just about every man's budget, they work, and they are safe as well.
Men also prefer this method because they understand how it works. Unless you are a doctor, you do not really get how penis pills can increase the size of your penis, and even if you are a doctor, you might not even be sure. The process by which penis extenders work is logical and understandable to everyone, not just doctors.
Penis extender devices work through a process that is called penis traction. Penis traction is the process of gradually stretching out your penis. When you are stretching your penis out in one of these devices, you are creating small, painless, microscopic tears in the tissue of your penis. The body reacts naturally to these tears by producing cells that will heal the tears. When all is said and done, you have more penis tissue than you started off with, and gradually, this is how your penis size increases. It is a very simple process to understand.
After about half a year of performing these penis traction exercises every day, you should be able to see significant progress. According to clinical studies, men who used the devices for six months, on average gained an inch while flaccid and half an inch when erect. That is a serious change and the best part is that it is a permanent change. Your penis will never revert to its old size ? you will have a longer and thicker penis for life. That is the beauty of the penis extender devices. They offer you results that are permanent and exceptionally safe according to dozens of clinical studies and trials.