How much does a penis enlargement device cost?

With so many options on the market for penis enlargement, it might be hard to decide which one is best for you. Usually, when you are trying to make a decision like this, there are three things that you really need to consider: effectiveness, cost and safety.
You want to know that the device will work and actually give you what you want: more inches on your penis. You also want to try and not break the bank. And above all, you are looking for a solution that is safe and will not cause you any physical harm. So let's look at the options.
First you have penis pills. No one is really sure whether or not penis pills really work. Sure, there are pills out there like Viagra that will enable men with erectile dysfunction to get erections, but are there really pills that will guaranteed that your penis will increase in size after taking them? There seems to be no scientific proof that these pills work. Also, if you use them more an extended period of time, the cost could really add up. If you are spending a hundred dollars on pills every couple of months or so, you can end up spending thousands eventually. Also, there are really no reasons to believe that they are safe, especially because the average man has no idea what kind of ingredients are being used in these pills. Even the ones that say that they are all natural might have ingredients that you are allergic to, for instance. So their safety is not guaranteed.
Penis pumps are not a permanent solution – it's as simple as that. They will give you an erection that is larger than your usual erection, but once the erection subsides; your penis will be the same size that it was before you used the pump. So you are not getting a permanent solution with a pump. They are relatively cheap though and you only have to buy the pump once. Also, if they are used correctly, they are safe.
Surgeries are incredibly expensive. If the surgery does work, you will have a bigger penis right away. However, there are many risks involved with surgeries. This is a very delicate area, and the chances of something going wrong are pretty significant. You can potentially suffer nerve damage, and if that happens, what good will a larger penis do you if you cannot feel any sensation in your penis? Also, even if the surgery goes well, there is still a very long recovery period and a lot can go wrong during this period as well ? infections are a very possible side effect.
So if you look at all the factors, it seems that penis extenders are the best solution. You will save tremendously compared to surgery. Top devices will cost araound $700, sometimes they are on discount for 50% off so around $350, and you can get basic kits for under 300 dollars. There have been clinical studies done that prove that they are safe if you follow the instructions that come with the devices. And most importantly, they really work. After using the device for half a year, you will see inches being added to the size of your penis, and this change in size is a permanent one.