Can using a penis extender be dangerous?

No matter who you are and how big your penis is, if you are a man, then you have probably thought about increasing the size of your penis at one point or another in your life. And it is your legitimate right to want to increase the size of your penis. Having a bigger penis gives you more confidence in bed and on an everyday basis. It is something that makes you feel better about yourself and more confidence, so it is completely understandable why so many men are willing to spend money on ways to increase the size of their penises.
There are many different types of products on the market, so you need to do some research. However, if you do a quick online search, you will probably discover that more and more men are trusting penis extender devices to get the job done for them. And this is not the result of some type of hype or viral campaigning. This is the result of clinical trials and customer reviews that prove that these devices are not only effective in increasing the size of your penis, but they are also completely safe to use as well.
Every one of these penis extenders that is on the market has gone through clinical tests in order to confirm not only that it works, but that if used as prescribed, there will be no potential safety problems. You really need to choose a safe solution, because what good is a bigger penis if you can?t use it. There is no reason to risk any nerve damage or disfiguration in order to get your penis bigger.
If you use the penis extenders according to the way in which the manufacturers tell you to use them, then you should have no problems whatsoever.
Can there be any problems? If you are abusing the devices, of course there can be problems. But that is why you need to be patient and you need to use it just as it is recommended. When you are using a penis extender, you are stretching the penis so that tiny tears occur in the tissue of the penis. Day by day, cells regenerate in order to heal these tiny tears, which by the way, do not hurt at all, and over time, your penis will increase in size. If you are using it correctly, then you should not be feeling any severe pain or discomfort while using a penis extender.
However, if you are over stretching your penis on a regular basis to the point of where it seriously hurts while you are using the penis extender, then you can run into problems. If you don?t want to risk any permanent damage to your penis, you need to take it slowly, and if you follow the program, you will see real progress in the size of your penis and it will be a safe process as well. After six months of using the product safely, you should be able to gain about half an inch in the size of your erect penis and some serious girth as well.