Are penis extenders safe to use daily?

There have been many advances in penis extension technology recently, which is evident in the fact that penis extension devices have experiences a huge increase in popularity. These devices are becoming more and more popular for men you are interested in gaining some inches not only in the length of their penises, but also the girth. The reason that these devices are trusted is because they are guaranteed to work. There have been extensive clinical studies and trials done to confirm the effectiveness of penis extenders and all of the most popular brands have passed these tests with flying colors. The other reason that these devices are so popular is because they are also immaculately safe.
However, if you want them to be safe and you do not want to risk any injuries to your penis or yourself, you really need to follow the instructions that are given to you by the manufacturers and you need to stick to these instructions if you want to see an increase in the size of your penis without hurting yourself.
You really need to be patient if you want to see healthy and safe results with this type of device. Penis extenders increase the size of your penis through a process that is called penis traction, and this process is one that might take several months before you see any real progress in the size of your penis. When you put your penis into one of these devices, you are essentially stretching out your penis so that tiny tears are made in the tissue of your penis. However, this is nothing to be alarmed about. The tears are so small that they are not even visible by the naked eye ? they are literally microscopic tears. Nevertheless, these tears are real and when they do occur, your body responds naturally by replicating cells that will heal up the tears and create new tissue. As this occurs, you are getting more tissue on your penis than you previously had. If you are repeating this process on a regular basis every day, you will notice that you will have a significant amount of increased tissue penis that who had when you started. This is what you get the increase in length from.
According to clinical trials, after about six months of using penis traction devices, you should have about one inch more length when your penis is flaccid and up to a half inch when it is erect. That is a significant increase in penis size, but as noted earlier, you need to be patient and not force the progress if you want to stay safe and not risk any injuries. If you stretch your penis every day so much that it hurts and you are experiencing serious discomfort, you will actually doing more harm than good. You will not be seeing any added results, but you could risk pain, serious skin burns and rashes, and even infections if you are not careful.